31 December 2002

A day with the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Peter Krogh documents Halloween rituals and events across the United States.

November lomocrawl across San Francisco.

30 December 2002

Stunning photoblog site on Macrostate: 01: Captured. Check out the Seven Days in Moscow story.

29 December 2002

Hunkabutta photographer Michael Clarke has a photoessay about life in Tokyo on urbanphoto.

Playful wide angle and hyper-saturated images, some utilising colour strobes, by Chip Simons.

Photo gallery of Tokyo and Shanghai skyscrapers. Thanks, Alek!

Christmas 360 degree panorama photography from Northern and Central Europe: Aarhus (Denmark), Postojna Cave (Slovenia), Alsace (France), and Rondablikk (Norway) (via boingboing).

27 December 2002

Photographer Herb Ritts died today from complications of pneumonia at the age of 50 (NYT registration required). He was one of the 20th century's truly superb celebrity and fashion photographers.

Anna Sole's site has an innovative interface design. Her photography uses a number of different processes including polaroid transfer, texture screen-printing and tri-colour posterisation (via netdiver).

Tcheupel Garager's ACTE3 photography site was awarded the Silver Award in the Canon Digital Creators Contest 2002. Scene 4 was taken this month in Tokyo's subway network with a relaxing, minimal soundtrack by D-O-S-C.

26 December 2002

Superb photography collection from the 1930s through to present day as seen through One Man's Eye. (Book available from Amazon).

Interesting gallery metaphor used to navigate Mikkel McAlinden's site.

Travel photography from Peru on Qaswa (hint: click internal, then '02' Peru Travelogue, then click on the right hand map).

Wopisomo (word, pictures, sound, motion) features travel photography by Kevin Vo.

25 December 2002

Inmate tattoos from within the Texas prison system.

Japanese nano-photography created with electron microscopes.

24 December 2002

Two must-have photography books: Photography Past/Forward: Aperture at 50, featuring photographs by Adams, Mapplethorpe, Salgado, Sherman, and others, and The Book of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century, which considers not only the imagery contained within the best twentieth century photography books but also the design (typography, layout, binding, jacket design, paper stock, etc).

It might look and smell like Christmas here in Japan, but anyone who actually lives here knows that it's just about shopping!

23 December 2002

Gary Salter has some great wide angle images in his auto-motion gallery.

Colourful opening sequence on Werner Pawlok's site. Also check out his black and white portraits.

Gravity-defying dance photography by Lois Greenfield.

Early expedition photography by Ernest Shackleton documenting a trek across Antarctica in 1914.

22 December 2002

The Winter Edition of 28mm.org is now online. Features photo essays on Melbourne, typography and signage, duotones and polaroids (via k10k).

In February 2002, 100 photojournalists from 26 countries travelled to Africa to shoot digital photos within 24 hours. A Day in the Life of Africa is the resulting publication. In February 2003, a DVD documentary of their journey will come out. More details and slideshow on MSNBC.

20 December 2002

A new kind of trainspotting? A rather keen photographer has documented *ALL* of Tokyo's train and subway ticket barriers, even my little stations, Shimokitazawa and Shin Daita (via consumptive).

The Lomography World Congress was recently held in Vienna, celebrating 10 years of lomography.

1930s crime photographer Arthur Fellig, infamously known as Weegee, turns his hand to trick photography in this exhibition currently on at the International Center of Photography in New York.

19 December 2002

So it's not photography but it's just TOO sexy not to blog! Hanayo's Joe Le Taxi is a luscious techno feast for your eyes and ears (via k10k).

...oops? is a personal photography site from Japan. Check out the lomo gallery (via Pixelsurgeon).

New on Quarlo--intensely vivid colours found within NY urban architectural detail (via Gawker).

ZoneZero is offering free downloads of its latest electronic book, 12 - 12 - 12, images taken by 12 photographers on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2002 of the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

Christmas came early! My new dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 and Apple Cinema Display arrived at work today.

18 December 2002

American Mile Markers: Matthew Frondorf drove across the US, stopping every mile to photograph it with his 35mm camera (via k10k).

Photo paddock from Susannah Breslin, prOnnoisseur and sex culture critic from LA.

17 December 2002

Call for Entries: For 36 days, aphic wants you to document every day of your life, taking one photo per day. "Let your eyes explore textures, tones, light, patterns, shapes, faces, bodies, landscapes, colours" in this collaborative photography project.

16 December 2002

Mr Potter creates the most intriguing stuffed animal tableux imaginable.

Detour, a photo series by Asger Carlsen documenting his American road trip (via k10k).

On the road with Scottie Pye.

15 December 2002

Twelve exquisite flowers, scanned not photographed (via Boing Boing).

On Friday night, some thoughtful friends revealed they had sneaked a peek at my Amazon wishlist and bought me a copy of Digital Photojournalism. Now I guess I have to upgrade my poor little digital camera!

Useful bibliography of photojournalism online and print resources.

13 December 2002

Stunning images of Crystal Mill, a ghost town in Colorado.

12 December 2002

Vintage stewardess uniform collection.

Photokyo features many photo galleries of life in Japan. There's even a highly embarrassing photo of me - thanks Chris!

Since I've just been visiting onsens in Shimoda (Izu Peninsula, two and a half hours southwest of Tokyo), here are images of Japanese macaques enjoying a hot bath! Pity I didn't see any of these in the hot springs I visited though.

11 December 2002

Architectural and experimental photography on Element Insites (via Pixelsurgeon).

In honour of Tokyo's big pre-Christmas snowfall on Monday, visit Christopher Domitter's Snow Japan Gallery. Also see his other galleries.

Images from Rome, 1982-1983, by Silvano Eurepi (via Surfstation).

The Gobbler--motel and supper club...file under What Were They Thinking??!!

A new book of war photography by Peter Howe, Shooting Under Fire.

10 December 2002

Look Down and see what's beneath his feet.

Lomo on Modesty Panel.

National Geographic have launched a new searchable digital image collection.

6 December 2002

Images of protest from the UK.

Our Culture is Our Resistance, images taken by Jonathan Moller in Guatemala of Communities of Population in Resistance.

360 degree moving panorama of Tokyo at night, viewed from Tokyo Tower.

New photography photoblog by Chris Lane.

Unmanipulated infrared colour landscapes.

5 December 2002

Tokyo-based Finn, Elina Moriya, has photographed Harajuku teens.

Flash site by the infamous and prolific Tokyo photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.

Advertising-style awareness-raising photography by Robert Gligorov (via MeFi).

3 December 2002

Street photography on artcoup6 (via Scene 360).

Photodocument is an online photojournalism magazine focusing on Central/Eastern European documentary photography (via Scene 360).

2 December 2002

More early Japanese photography.

A photographic archive of images of the Tokyo area, taken immediately after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

Interesting image of the obon awa odori dance festival from the 1920s.

1 December 2002

Photography and HIV/AIDS-related links in recognition of World AIDS Day today.

Another family member lost to AIDS in Honduras.

John Stanmeyer has a photoessay on AIDS in Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and China) on his agency's site (Flash site: click 'Enter Agency', then 'AIDS in Asia').

AIDS in Africa, a photoessay by famous Magnum photographer, James Nachtwey.

The six-year journey of a family living with AIDS.

No one mentions the cause of death, more images of the devastating loss that people in Africa have suffered, due to the AIDS epidemic.

Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

World AIDS Day Photo Gallery by photojournalist Andrew Petkun.

Images by photojournalist Gideon Mendei of HIV & AIDS in Africa.

Visual AIDS, a project to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts.



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