30 October 2002

They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships, a great collection of found photos of sailors. (via The Excitement Machine).

Two Japan photo essays on LookAt Photos, both by Andreas Seibert: Tokyo Gamers and The Port of Yokohama.

Intriguing collection of photographic representations of Christ.

Photographs of one of Japan's most important contemporary visual artists, Yayoi Kusama, taken by Harrie Verstappen.

29 October 2002

Taken over 30 years, this gorgeous new coffee table book from Kevin Kelly documents his wanderings across Asia. His production notes are highly informative.

28 October 2002

A history of photomontage (via coudal).

Portraits and travel photography by Hiroshi Watanabe.

Ultra fast-loading flash interface showcasing Chris Strong's excellent photography portfolios.

Traces of commerce from days gone by.

26 October 2002

24 October 2002

Playful lomo photography from Pan Chan. Take your time to look through the whole site, especially the Keycap, animated Panarama and Holga sections (via k10k.net).

Great drag-and-drop thumbnail navigation from Gattaca Photography...gritty photojournalism and high contrast portraits (via k10k.net).

23 October 2002

Interesting photo diary on Republikization.

Beautiful long exposure of a cactus bathed in coloured light.

"We are a camera building a picture of your world through your eyes".

22 October 2002

Object Not Found, another nice collection of found photos.

21 October 2002

Hello, My Name Is Peter Funch - beautiful, sleek photography portfolio from Denmark.

Park your matchbox car next to the real thing.

20 October 2002

Making 100 year old Russian documentary photographs in colour.

While William Shatner may have had a thing for kitschy ballads post-Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy got bitten by the photography bug instead.

19 October 2002

Now, a camera that can see through clothes, skin and walls!!

18 October 2002

A new photo everyday, a new location every week.

Lomography for your body.

Launched this year, the New York Public Library's Picture Collection Online service allows users to search for photographs, lithographs, postcards and prints of New York City's visual history.

17 October 2002

More from the found photography genre.

Ever wondered how people live in Japan?

Taken with a disposable 17mm Konica panoramic camera, loaded with high sensitive black and white film, Konica Sessions by Paul Grivas, documents some of the photographer's travels from Sarajevo and Fontainebleau to Tokyo and beyond.

This daily self-documentation photo project, When Will It End?, shows how much (or how little) we change each day.

16 October 2002

Scott Haefner's kite photography clearly proves Aristotle's theory.

Fun with Polaroids: Chris Usher uses an SX-70 Polaroid camera and various implements to create new and unique one-offs.

15 October 2002

This month's emerging photographer section on Photo District News Online features Jonathan Torgovnik's colourful and luscious Bollywood series.

Beautiful flash photography site from Rui Camilo in Germany. The environmental section is especially exquisite.

Since 1976, this family has photographed itself. A fascinating series of changes over time, mapped out across all five members.

14 October 2002

Pinhole spy camera - playful design that doesn't take itself seriously.

Nikki S Lee has a unique take on the 'life as art' oeuvre of photography and inserts her created 'self' into everyday situations with real life models in these hyper-real snapshots.

Shared collections of pre-1960s found photos on Look at Me.

Black and white photography collection on New York and Chicago architectural landmarks.

13 October 2002

Last month's Tokyo Game Show brought all kinds of cosplay afficianados crawling out of the woodwork.

11 October 2002

Photographer of urban inhabitants around the world, Beat Streuli, has added new images taken in Bangkok, New York and Sydney in 2002 to his site.

10 October 2002

Tokyo Designers Block is here again. Even better, Barcelona's Sonar comes to town with Tokyo SonarSound at the very cool ThinkZone.

The latest high-end digital SLR camera from Kodak comes close to the 14 megapixel threshold.

New lomography gallery on planes, trains and automobiles.

8 October 2002

Luscious photography of the beauty of details. Great use of depth of field, and a delicate, subtle colour palette for depicting texture and form in still life.

More nipples than you can shake a stick at. Erotic variation on Bronzino's Venus and Cupid.

7 October 2002

Controversial thread on copyright and intellectual property of photography on Slashdot.

Even staunch flash opponents will dig this. Everyone else? Well, you're just going to *love* the Itsu flash movie from the Pleix people. You'll never think about pork the same way again.

6 October 2002

Top of my Amazon wish list is Blink, a fascinating collection of the work of 100 photographers assembled by 10 curators around the world. If you forgot to buy me a present for my birthday a fortnight ago, now you know what to get me ;-)

5 October 2002

A day in the life of my mouth (not *mine*, someone else's), pinhole camera style, in case you've ever wondered...

4 October 2002

Over the past six months, I've been visiting a few Tokyo flea markets looking for vintage found photos, mostly from the 1930s to the 1950s. I've never come across anything pre-1900 though. Fortunately, Nagasaki University has access to a fantastic collection of early Japanese photography from 1860-1899, and has built a searchable online database for public access.

One of the best things I've bought all year: my new Fuji Instax Mini 30 instant camera. It takes mini instant photos that develop in about three minutes, has a self-timer, close-far focus button and flash. My only complaint is that you can't make the flash *not* fire in low light conditions.

An oldie but a goodie - this article from WebMonkey describes ways of producing interesting and odd effects with ordinary 35mm film and polaroids.

Now available at the very cool Aoyama Book Center is the new Pop 9 toy lomo camera. You can also pick up an original Lomo, Holga, Polga (Holga with Polaroid film holder) and a number of other toy cameras while you're there!

3 October 2002

Is photography's 'rule of thirds' the same as visual architecture's 'rule of three'?

Beautiful composition, architectural detail, artful nature cropping, and portraiture from Nineaem Photography in Nice, France.

For those who want to share their images from completed projects, MorgueFile has developed a stock photography library that uses a simple 'light table' interface. Interesting moveable file browser.

2 October 2002

Public and Private by London-based photographer, Simon Hoegsberg, combines cool minimalist portraits of London pedestrians passing by the Marble Arch over the course of one year with a sleek and highly-aesthetically pleasing flash interface.

Photographer Eric Meyer delights with his stereotypes portrait series - be sure to click both halves of each thumbnail. Where *did* he find his models? Mmm, luscious!

1 October 2002

After a LONG, LONG time of promising friends and myself that I would begin working on my *own* web projects, I'm just starting off with this, a humble blog of my interesting photography discoveries on the net. In coming months, I'll be moving this over to my own photography site which is just beginning development (and yes, I will get rid of that annoying under construction welcome page!), and will eventually begin posting photos regularly.



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