17 March 2004

My last entry seems like a lifetime ago. I guess I proved myself wrong by taking three months to return to the site!! So what have I been up to? Racking up frequent flyer miles, seeing the world, working insane hours to meet big work deadlines, wrapping up loose ends, re-evaluating priorities, and starting a really exciting new job! So it's all good!

Just to catch you up with where I've been...in December/January, I soaked up some much needed summer rays in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, and Melbourne (since I had nothing but rain last summer), before heading off on a 3-week work trip to Kuala Lumpur in February (with a 48-hour relaxation splurge at The Andaman on Palau Langkawi in the midst of all that). I'm heading back to New York City for a week at the beginning of April, followed by a trip to the UK in early May to attend RE~TG, a one-of-a-kind music festival featuring some of my favourite performers, Coil, Matmos, People Like Us, Pansonic and FM Einheit.

I've also been spending time rethinking my photography as I've been rather unsatisfied with what I've shot and how I've approached the act of seeing/framing/documenting my life over the past eight months. So I've been concentrating on seeing exhibitions (I was bowled over by Wim Wenders' large-scale work in Pictures from the Surface of the Earth seen at the City Gallery Wellington in January. If you come across the book, buy it now! It's a stunner!) and enjoying photography books, such as my most recent purchase of Edward Burtynsky's work, Manufactured Landscapes.

I find there is nothing more enjoyable than the tactile aspect of turning the pages of large photography books, stroking the silky smooth pages, and soaking in the technical mastery of great photographers, and I suspect The Book of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century will surpass all of my other purchases in that regard.

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