29 October 2003

Beautifully-designed Atlas 6 has the good stuff--live vicariously through these globetrotting photographers: Adam Kufeld visited Cuba, Olivier Laude took a trip to China's countryside, Catherine Karnow hung out at the Bombay Bazaar, and Bob Sacha wandered through New York's underground tunnels (they're even used by elephants!!)

VRMAG is a rather sexy online 'zine dedicated to 3D VR travel photography. The latest issue includes an interview with Charles Evans (of digitalpanos), highlighting his experience at Burning Man this year as well as a conversation with Jook Leung on his switch from tradition to VR photography.

CoolStop highlights two personal travel photography sites that are worth checking out: The Visual Record and CultureFocus. I'm also a regular visitor of Vagabonding, a riveting site with excellent travel writing, documenting Mike Pugh's continuing journey across the world. He started in South East Asia, travelled through the Middle East, and then down all the way to the bottom of Africa, so far.

Ed Kashi shot Saigon's bike culture in black and white. Unfortunately the photojournalism site hosting his photo essay, FocalPoint f/8 is no longer maintained.

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