11 March 2003

While I'm currently a film enthusiast (mainly using a Canon EOS Elan 7E), for the past nine months, I've been lusting after the Canon EOS D60 digital SLR camera, but heard recently that it had been discontinued. Launched at the PMA 2003, Rob Galbraith reports on the new Canon EOS 10D, which has also caught my eye. Since the Canon Powershot G3 is a little closer to my price range, I think that might be the winning digital camera for me in April/May (unless Canon brings out a 5 megapixel pro-sumer model in the meantime).

New York City through a Holga.

Digital Sucks is a site for Holga and Diana enthusiasts. Check out their picture of the day taken with a Holga.

Instructions on how to build a Holga pinhole camera.

A short tutorial on black and white nighttime photography

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